Oh, the miracles you helped happen!

Just wanted to send you a picture of our little love bugs! Thank you for helping us through the challenge of bringing them into the world! Lots of Love, C & J

They are here! :) I can not thank you enough for everything you did to help me bring my angels into the world! Everyone is doing great! Love, L

Hi Candace & Joanne! I gave birth a week ago to a healthy beautiful baby boy. I wanted to thank you both for your part in creating my miracle. ,I am enjoying motherhood and hope you add my sons picture to your “wall.” Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Baby L is 17 months old now!  He’s doing well.  I will always be grateful to you for all your help during my pregnancy! -S

You have helped me so much emotionally.  Whenever I am having a hard time or feeling down, you always heave a kind word to say and me motivated through this process.  It takes a special person to help women through this and provide the support needed, especially when my own doctor does not.  You are appreciated and have made a difference in my life.

I can’t thank Joanne and ACRH enough for your part in my journey.

Not only did Joanne help me physically, but she was a great support emotionally and really touched my life.

Through acupuncture and herbs, Joanne helped me conceive naturally and our baby was born May 23.

I was treated by Joanne from April-September. She was nothing short of amazing.

I especially want to thank you for all your words of encouragement throughout my treatment! Thank you so much for helping make our dreams come true. I don’t know what I would have done without you!


Candace, I could have never done this without your support and expertise! You are a GODDESS!! MY goddess! Thank you so very very much. We are truly blessed!

– MM

First off, for all of those reading this, trust Candace she is truly one of a kind!!! From the first time I met you, you were warm, compassionate and incredibly knowledgeable.

You went above and beyond your “job title” in so many ways. and your warm nature made me feel like my baby and I were surrounded by light throughout my pregnancy. You truly have a gift! Thanks again for everything!

Thank you. The herbs you gave my little one work so much better than the Zantac!

Throughout the time I was a patient at ACRH; the acupuncturists not only helped my medical situation but also provided emotional support- much needed when trying to conceive!

The treatments were painless and relaxing and I always looked forward to coming. The best part though is that through acupuncture and herbal medicine, I was able to conceive without fertility drugs!

Her commitment to fertility and the fertile woman is unending. She is hopeful, practical and knowledgeable in all areas of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Her knowledge pales in comparison to her compassion for life.

After three miscarriages, we visited ACRH and met Candace. Her assessment immediately gave us hope. She monitored me, listened to me and most importantly believed in our chance to conceive again.

After just turning 43, I finally became pregnant! Candace was excited and at the same time validated. She had believed in my chances all along.

After many phone calls, sessions and emails of handholding and calming my fears, she finally gave me the independence and security to trust in my body that it now was about to take over.

I cannot help but be eternally grateful to Candace and her staff for all that they have given me and my family.

Infertility is filled with fear, hopelessness and the ability to kill anything that gets in its way, including a solid marriage/relationship. ACRH understands this and cares about each person in every way.

It was an emotional time for me when I sought help at ACRH, and found compassion and understanding. They are amazing at what they do and extremely kind!

I have ACRH to thank for relieving me of my insomnia and sciatica. I had tried chiropractic for relief of my sciatica and it was unsuccessful, but now I don’t even feel it 99% of the time! I have had, and will have again, an incredible experience at ACRH.

My husband and I were trying to have a baby for seven years and now we are here with a beautiful baby girl! Her name is Victoria for Victorious!! She is truly a miracle! Thank you so much for helping make our dreams come true, I don’t know what I would have done without you!

I could have never done this without your support and expertise! You are a GODDESS!! MY goddess! Thank you so very very much. We are truly blessed! MM

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of me during my morning sickness. I know I wouldn’t have made it through without you. You truly are wonderful. You have such a gift and I thank you for sharing it with me. KB

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of me during my morning sickness. I know I wouldn’t have made it through without you. You truly are wonderful. You have such a gift and I thank you for sharing it with me. KB

I am pregnant! After trying for almost a year, and being told because of my “advanced maternal age” (I’m only 35!) and high FSH that getting pregnant without an IUI or IVF would not be possible.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because we are pregnant without an IUI or IVF!

Upon our first meeting, I instantly felt a connection with her. She was warm and understanding, she understood exactly how I was feeling and she listened intently.I admit I was very nervous for my first session but Candace was so gentle and kind that in no time I looked forward to getting treatments.

The treatments made me feel so calm and relaxed. The herbs and acupuncture helped balance my body along with my new healthy diet. 7 weekly treatments later I was pregnant, naturally –without any invasive treatments or drugs.

Between the acupuncture, the herbs, the diet change, and prayer, I became pregnant after trying for less than 2 months.  We were amazed to see how quickly we became pregnant after hearing from 2 doctors that this could not happen without IVF.I  am now 11 weeks pregnant and my husband and I are happier than ever now

I was desperate to get pregnant and knew at 41, I was running out of time, had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Working with and meeting Candace is one of the best things that could have happened. I was told that the chance of me getting pregnant was “minuscule”, after my first IUI, I was pregnant!

Candace is an amazing person who is extremely dedicated to her profession. She went above and beyond coming in on her days off, weekends whatever it took to give me my best chance of getting pregnant; she makes you her #1 priority. She has an infectious positive spirit, which helped to keep me positive. I can not recommend anyone more highly!

You were always so supportive and positive. I looked forward to my appointments and can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help!

Dr. Jania was more than accommodating in fitting me into her schedule, meticulous in her treatment, and, as a mom herself, she was sensitive to my concerns and my physical issues. After one visit, I knew I was in good hands and trusted her completely.

My long suffered discomforts have not returned, and I am deeply grateful for the freedom and ease that Dr. Jania’s expertise has brought me. Not only was she able to cure what ailed me for so much of my life, but she was also able to make a marked improvement in general state of my health and wellness.

Candace has a very calming effect and gave me soo much hope and positivity. She also shares in the excitement of success! The office is very cozy, zen, and ALWAYS makes you feel welcome.

I came to ACRH with a lot of emotional baggage. Not only did they help me realease this baggage, they regulated my cycle! Meds couldn’t even regulate my cycles! While gearing up for a second attempt at IVF, I resumed the herbs and acupuncture on the “break” cycle and got pregnant on my own!!

Hi Candace! I hope you are doing well! I am doing well myself, 26 weeks pregnant and loving it!Thank you, Jen, and Kamini for all your help, my success is because of you all and I am so grateful. Thanks for all your guidance and help!



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Helping patients achieve their
reproductive health and wellness goals.

Many patients are looking for a safe, effective, holistic treatment approach towards achieving their health and wellness goals. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which utilizes acupuncture, Chinese herbs and nutrition has been used for over two thousand years to treat patients for a variety of indications. Only recently have physicians in the United States accepted TCM as an integrated treatment approach towards improving patient outcomes.

Our mission at the Acupuncture Center for Reproductive Health (ACRH) is to help patients achieve their reproductive health and wellness goals. We use TCM principles to create optimal health for couples looking to become pregnant as well as to address indications specific to women from pre-teen through menopause.

The Acupuncture Center for Reproductive Health is located in Basking Ridge, NJ at 14 Church Street. Our facility has 7 treatment rooms and an on-site herbal pharmacy for quick prescription refills.

In addition to treating infertility and reproduction issues, we also have had great success treating other indications that arise during the course of treatment such as allergies, skin conditions, pain management, digestive issues and much more.  Please go to our sister website, www.acfamilyhealth.net, for more information.

Chinese Medicine is also used for pre- and post-natal care, menopausal complaints, menstrual pain and PMS.

Allow us to be your Acupuncturist for Basking Ridge, NJ and the surrounding areas, including: Bedminster, Far Hills, Mendham, Chester, Bernardsville, Pluckemin, Long Valley, Bridgewater, Somerville.

Please call our office if you would like more information on any of these treatments. You can call the office at anytime to schedule an appointment.